Pet Yards™ a Retail and services development


Pet Yards™ was developed to bring together pet related businesses that do not compete, but share the same customer base and common goals. Pet retailers need a retail location that has affordable lease costs paired with an opportunity to share in marketing collaborations that bring awareness and attention to pet lovers. Anchoring one end of the Pet Yards™ complex is Fish Gallery, Inc. an established aquarium destination that brings families and fish enthusiasts to a destination that offers a very unique experience, driven by great customer service and education to purchase supplies/livestock and schedule service. Yard Dog is a state of the art canine daycare and boarding complex. With indoor and outdoor play areas, surveillance monitoring... dogs will be excited to go for a play day with other friends. Pet Yards™ plans to work with local shelters and organizations to host adoptions, training and obedience classes that will be scheduled throughout the month.

Why Pet Yards™

30+ years of being in retail brought us to the Pet Yards™ concept. In 2020 we all know the retail shopping experience has changed. Its through our clear understanding of these changes and the challenges we all face as retailers that we are delivering Pet Yards™ to markets all across the United States. Our developments are driven by the two things: The tenant and the customer. Its Pet Yards™ job to bring these two together in a successful symbiotic relationship. Through below market rents and cross over marketing that is not found in the Pet industry, Pet Yards™ will allow the tenant to run a profitable business, yet stay competitive for the consumer. With the pressures we all know about from online shopping, in 2020 its impossible to pass on or justify the brick and mortar operating costs.

Community and Environment

We are committed to the local community and our responsibility to our environment... Through our many planned events from weekend adoption or rescue groups in parking lot to the summer reading program at Fish Gallery. Pet Yards™ will bring together customers that will want to experience Pet Yards™ over and over again... Our commitment to the environment is driven by two notions: 1 - We only have one world and its our responsibility to take care of it 2 - it just makes good business sense. Our efforts of using gray water for irrigation, rain water for facilities maintenance, baling of cardboard to lighten our refuse load and frequency of service, solar panels etc etc are all part of what makes Pet Yards™ special and all of these savings are passed on to the tenant to lower the CAM charges.


Pet Yards™ @ Addison TX (Dallas)

Coming Soon to a city near you.

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